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Transitional Care Unit (TCU)

Transitional Care Unit (TCU) Travel Nurse Jobs

Transitional Care nurses work in hospital and skilled rehab settings. The Transitional Care Unit (TCU) is an intermediate unit between acute care and home. Patients in this unit are still recovering from an acute illness or injury and need additional rehab and care before going home. Job descriptions for Transitional Care nurses note excellent critical thinking skills and prior rehab experience. Are you looking for your dream job? Explore the many Transitional Care travel nurse opportunities below.

Transitional Care Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

The job responsibilities of a Transitional Care nurse are to provide skilled nursing care. This includes maintaining ventilators, administering respiratory treatments, and administering medications such as IV fluids and IV antibiotics. TCU nurses also provide wound care and education to patients and families. Both Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses can work in Transitional Care settings. As people recover from extensive illnesses, TCU nurses are in high demand. The average annual salary in the United States for a Transitional Care nurse is around $80,000. Salaries may be higher if the nurse has relevant certifications or additional years of experience.