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Transplant Travel Nurse Jobs

Transplant nurses coordinate patient care throughout the organ transplant process. These specialized nurses will review and update medical records, communicate with patients and the healthcare team, and orchestrate the process of donating and receiving organs. Job descriptions highlight excellent communication skills, critical thinking skills, and ability to work well within a team. Do you have Transplant nurse experience? Explore the many Transplant travel nurse job opportunities below.

Transplant Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Transplant nurses work in hospitals, operating rooms, or clinics. They are responsible for administering medications, prepping the patient for transplant or donor surgery, and providing education to the patient and their family. Both donor and recipient patients need post-operative care and monitoring, and the Transplant nurse will often assist with this. Most Transplant nurses are Registered Nurses or Advanced Practice Nurses. They usually have prior clinical experience in med-surg, OR, or critical care. Average annual salaries in the United States for a Transplant nurse range between $88,600 and $109,000.