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Trauma Travel Nurse Jobs

Trauma nurses work in the emergency room and care for patients who are in critical condition.  These nurses stabilize patients so that they can be transferred into surgery or into other units — usually the ICU. Many university and teaching hospitals have Trauma departments. Job descriptions for Trauma nurses generally include experience in critical care or emergency nursing. Do you have experience in this specialty? Explore our many opportunities and land a high-paying Trauma travel nurse job today.

Trauma Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Job responsibilities of Trauma nurses include triaging the most critical patients first. Additionally, they stabilize vital signs, provide CPR and other emergency treatments, manage wounds, and administer blood transfusions. Trauma nurses work with trauma surgeons and other members of the healthcare team and care for patients of all ages. Annual salaries in the United States for Trauma nurses are up to $124,000. Trauma nurses with additional experience typically earn more, and relevant certifications can increase earnings.